Michelin-Starred Supper Club in partnership with Nyetimber at Alyn Williams At The Westbury

我最近邀请到Mayfair酒店的威斯特伯里酒店的一家米其林星级Alyn Williams,这是豪华系列的一部分,预览他们的独家五道晚餐俱乐部,它发生了两个令人惊叹的私人私人餐厅。由最丰富的英国季节性成分制成的菜肴与着名的英国酿酒师,Nyetimber搭配葡萄酒,这是一个真正壮观的夜晚。



Our first course was a Pea mousse with a mint and yogurt granita served with beer onions and radish. It was served in a large wide bowl and the chilled yogurt granita against the rest of the flavours was tantalising for the taste buds. This course was paired with a 2009 Nyetimber Classic Cuvée, which I preferred to the first one we tried, although they were both really lovely.

Our second course was a Poached halibut with courgette, lemon verbena, which gave it a really lovely zesty taste, and dulse, paired with a 2010 Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs, which was incredible, and possibly my favourite from the evening.

A roasted pork jowl with fennel, pickled rhurbarb and pollen was a real treat for our third course, and the flavour combinations married really well. Paired with a 1998 Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs we felt really spoilt!

On to desserts, and as a nod to the season, we had English strawberries with pannacotta and shiso, presented beautifully and paired with a very fitting MV Nyetimber.

甜食没有结束,Alyn的标记ture Walnut Whip was enjoyed by the table, served with a glass of Nyetimber Demi-Sec to accompany it. This was incredible and I can see exactly why the Walnut Whip is such a renowned dessert! It is moreish!

During the evening we had the pleasure of the company of Nyetimber’s brand ambassador, who told us about each wine and why it was picked for each dish, as well as more about Nyetimber’s history, their processes and journey to become one of the most well known of the English winemakers.


Tickets can be purchased at:www.alynwilliams.com/Events.

For more information about Alyn Williams at The Westbury visit their website这里







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  1. Bejal写道:

    The food and wine pairings just look and sound perfect. The pea mousse dish sounds interesting and I love the idea of the walnut whip! I’m sure it’s very different to the one I’ve tried in the confection store!

    发布6.27.18 Reply
  2. MMM Binny这听起来很棒。我甚至不知道事情的一半,但它们听起来很鲜美。我希望我更喜欢葡萄酒,所以我可以拥有配对菜单;我尝试。那猪肉听起来很多汁

    发布6.27.18 Reply
  3. 劳拉写道:

    It sounds like a beautiful summer menu, the wine pairings sounds fantastic. I especially love the look of the Walnut Whip!

    发布6.27.18 Reply
  4. 安吉写道:

    It looks like such a fab night!

    发布6.28.18. Reply
  5. This looks such a treat, Binny! I’d love to get to know more about English bubbly too..

    发布6.28.18. Reply
  6. Rashmita shah写道:

    Reading this made me feel part of the amazing experience. Also learnt about parings of wine with different dishes.
    Look forward to reading more about you experience as you tick them off your bucket list.

    Posted 7.3.18 Reply
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