伦敦最古老的印度餐馆之一,追溯到1926年,Veeraswamy has been a high-end Indian restaurant that has been on my list to try for a long time.The perfect opportunity arose when my brother suggested it as an option for a celebratory lunch for the 1 year anniversary of my blog.

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of Regent street,we took the lift up to the restaurant,充满魅力和宏伟。It has a mix of modern with Indian heritage fused together in terms of its decor,我特别喜欢菜单,which has some of the original prints from its early years on it.


The menu is slightly different to your average curry house and really interesting.首先,我们去了Raj Kachori,这真是太棒了。My brother recommended this dish and it did not disappoint at all.它的味道很鲜美,分量也很丰盛。

It always pays to go with a large group of people as you can try so many things and our next choice was Angara Chicken Tikka,which came beautifully presented on a banana leaf.

其次是哈娜·巴图拉,哈图拉非常漂亮,毛茸茸的,哈娜非常美味。In fact this was probably my favourite out of the starters.

Mains arrived next and our vegetarian option was Paneer Mirchi Makhani.这是神圣的。

On the side we had cucumber raita.If anyone knows my husband well then they know he has a real affinity for raita and it has to accompany all his Indian meals and by his standards this was really good.

The non-vegetarian option was Chicken Nimboo Dopiaza,味道好极了,有点热,尝起来很清爽。

为了配餐,我们有一个特制的面包篮,which had the chef's choice of 3 breads of the day.


还有一个来自Veeraswamy的可爱的手势,他们给我带来了这个庆祝甜点。It was so sweet of them and added to the exceptional service we experienced throughout our meal.


I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Veeraswamy and is definitely a restaurant I will visit again.It is perfect for Sunday lunch,a special occasion or just a lovely meal when you want something decadent and worth it.

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  1. May 1,2016 / 7:13 pm

    This looks like quite the sumptuous feast!!

    • May 1,2016 / 7:14 pm

      确实是这样!Hope you are having a fab long weekend xx

      • May 1,2016 / 7:16 pm

        这里没有这样的运气。It's a work day 🙁 Enjoy yours x

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