每周都会和我最喜欢的博主们聊一些美食和鸡尾酒,and Foley's was a spontaneous decision but one which exceeded both our expectations.

Neither of us had even looked at the menu before we arrived and so didn't know what to expect.All we knew was that at the restaurant's helm was the Palomar's ex sous chef,米茨·沃拉。That was a good sign for me,最近在帕洛马尔吃过饭,吃过一顿美餐。The cuisine is inspired by the spice trail with flavours from the Middle East and Asia.

当我们进入时,we could see the bartender Isaac preparing what suspiciously looked like Mojitos to me,我被卖掉了。

The space looks deceptively small but is actually a 70 cover restaurant split over 2 floors.我们没有预订,而且很忙,but were delighted to be given seats at the bar,which definitely was a major plus in terms of cocktails being within reach and also really good lighting.

I went for the Spiced Pear Mojito,which was a mix of Appleton rum,自制五香梨纯E,石灰和薄荷,阿夫塔布去买了福利的杜松子酒,which was such a pretty colour and made from Portobello Road gin,葡萄柚和粉色胡椒粒。

For nibbles,from the"钻头和BOB”截面,我们有印度尼西亚花生薄脆饼干和辛辣的番茄酱,which were unusual but delightful,and roasted lotus seeds,在房子里,踢得很漂亮。


赢得我们两颗心的菜是用韩国烧烤酱烹制的炭火烤鸡“烧焦的末端”,并用,spring onions and sesame seeds.鸡肉味道很好,蘸上蘸酱就像是婚姻中的完美搭配。


在Palomar和Barbary吃过饭,the vegetarian dishes always have such an unexpected win over the meat dishes for me,这里也发生了同样的事情。The cauliflower dish,那是和扎茨基一起吃的,tomato,还有烟熏花生,was moreish and so tasty.


晚上我第二喜欢的菜是土制的茄子和石榴。日期,chilli lime yogurt,puffed quinoa and feta.It was these unique flavour combinations that blew us away and each dish was so well seasoned,有着独一无二的风味和体验。So far the Aubergine dishes at Palomar,Barbary and now Foley's have been amazing so if you are an aubergine lover like me be sure to order them!!


On to the meat dishes.我去吃猪肚,having been intrigued by all the various ingredients alongside it on the menu.和罗望子烧烤一起吃,苹果,green papaya,酪乳,cured red onions and toasted cashews.我在午餐时吃了一个不同的猪肚菜,相比之下,这道菜虽然很好吃,didn't blow me away.如果我没有一道菜来和它比较,我会更喜欢它的。


Cornflake crusted popcorn chicken with Pickled shimeji,corn,endive和chorizo都不是为我们俩做的。纸上有可爱的味道,但在执行过程中,我们并没有被它打动。当我们浏览菜单决定吃什么时,我有点失望,正是这道菜引起了我的注意。



阿夫塔布去拿粘牛肉和大康黄瓜一起吃。avo& kaffir lime purée and crispy shallots.He loved this dish and the flavours were all very refreshing,热情,互相称赞。



反思,素食比肉食更让我印象深刻,vwin.com徳赢网但我还是很享受整个体验,肯定还会再来点菜。From the meat dishes we tried,the beef was the winner as was the chicken under"点点滴滴,""

我们结束了我们的晚餐,真的很让人心旷神怡。”抱在杯子里”homemade chai,加上豆蔻、糖和其他香料的甜味,配有超级可爱的黑巧克力汤匙。



For more information go to: http://foleysrestaurant.co.uk



  1. September 3,2016/12:50

    That aubergine dish sounds right up my street and that chocolate spoon combined with a cup of warming chai might just be the most tempting sounding end of meal hot drink ever!!!

  2. 9月6日,下午2016点/下午5点32分

    I loved most of my veggie dishes at Foley's too,including that beautiful aubergine!如果你回去,you have to try the Fat Boy Elvis for dessert – it's such a treat 🙂 xx

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