I have unashamedly spent so much time at the Shard lately and it is because I am absolutely in love the uninterrupted panoramic views of London from the floor to ceiling glass windows in this stunning architectural masterpiece.

I always get so excited when I arrive,and take the super speedy lifts up to the floors with spectacular views and to this day even though the lift says"don't vwin.com徳赢网press the button,"I am that person who always tries to vwin.com徳赢网press the button.


当我被邀请到Aqua Shard品尝香槟下午茶时,我非常兴奋,并祈祷有一个愉快的晴朗的日子,这样我就可以一边沉浸在糕点中一边欣赏那些美丽的景色。烤饼和三明治。My prayers were answered and we had a glorious day,尽管有点热浪,但还是很好的测量了一下。

水沙的装饰很优雅,现代而引人注目,我喜欢灰色的色调,椅子非常舒适。我去过早餐和鸡尾酒之前,but Afternoon Tea there was a new experience for me.


我们在玻璃窗旁得到了一张可爱的桌子,恰巧展示了我最喜欢的景色,更令人印象深刻的是,一瓶“veuve clicquot”黄色标签的香槟酒已经在我们的桌子旁冷却,期待着我们的到来。vwin.com徳赢网这就是你所说的无懈可击的服务,我在家里感觉很自在,而且我经常开玩笑说碎片是我的第二个家,因为我在那里花了很多时间。With service like that it only makes me want to visit even more regularly!!


我的意思是看看这个视图。Ridiculously amazing right??


The chilled bottle of champagne was popped open and it was so refreshing on a hot day drinking that French Water 😉 We talked to the waiter about our dietary requirements,and sat back and relaxed enjoying the London skyline with its motley landmarks whilst we eagerly awaited our treats to arrive.


First up was a selection of sandwiches and savoury treats.The regular selection includes a Native lobster and roasted lobster mayonnaise brown bread finger sandwich,一个加农炮黑布丁和香肠卷,加上约克郡酸辣酱,还有兰顿和杰克逊·马尔登熏鲑鱼,把我冻成奶油蛋卷。

然而,由于我们的饮食要求,我们有一些极好的素食选择,以及炒菠菜和Innes山羊奶酪迷你乳蛋饼,which is on the menu,and is absolutely delectable.这个团队对我们的饮食要求非常了解,并且非常照顾我们,即使我们吃完以后再给我们一些三明治,however we wanted to keep space for the sweet treats which were following.


Then the exciting moment – the 3 Tiered stand arrived!每当我去喝下午茶,这绝对是我最期待的部分。有点像打开礼物!!


It was such a gorgeous selection and a stunning display aesthetically too.从底层开始,we had both Vanilla Scones and White Chocolate Chip Scones to indulge in with a Ramekin filled to the brim with Cornish Clotted Cream.


伴随着迷人的白色细斜纹管。在这些试管里有蜂蜜太妃糖(太好了,把试管放在我的手提包里带回家的诱惑很强烈)。还有自制的覆盆子果酱。把蜂蜜太妃糖和果酱挤在烤饼上真是太有趣了。我有点像烤饼的势利小人,我可以确定这些都是天堂般的。I am also a clotted cream first kind of girl.你呢??


In the middle Tier,was a zesty selection of treats of which one was a Lemon Curd housed on a Hazelnut Sponge and topped with Meringue and the other was a
白巧克力慕斯,血橙凝胶和杏仁杏仁饼。Both were so refreshing and the Lemon Curd was definitely my favourite out of the two.




在精选了美味和甜品之后,我们尝试了下午茶鸡尾酒,目前可作为伦敦美食月的一部分。这是一个在华丽的瓶子里提供的,是由Tanqueray No.混合而成。Ten,加里亚诺·拉佩蒂沃和伯爵红茶,topped with soda,and you can chose to have it instead of Champagne if you wish.以研究的名义,我们两个都试过了!!



It is a really refreshing drink and perfect for those hot summer days and it was presented beautifully.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Champagne Afternoon Tea at Aqua Shard and it was such a novel and luxurious experience to have an Afternoon Tea with such sensational views of London as opposed to a regular Tea room.

对于一些不同的,特别的,以及令人印象深刻的东西,我真的推荐它。vwin.com徳赢网选择糕点,scones and savouries were splendid,服务非常出色,这些观点会窃取你的心。

Aqua Shard的香槟下午茶售价58英镑,配有一杯“Veuve Clicquot黄标布鲁特”或伦敦美食月提供的下午茶鸡尾酒。你可以预订它在这里。

I was a guest of Aqua Shard but all photos and views are my own.



我喜欢打包行李和去冒险,因为旅行中最好的一件事就是迷路。把地图和行程放在一边,看看路会把你带到哪里,learning and evolving and living in the moment along the way.

It's my goal to get swept off my feet as often as possible.

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  1. June 27,2017/8:39上午

    I'm going in a couple of weeks!Can't wait 🙂

  2. June 27,2017 / 8:49 am

    You do your scones the Devon way,我按照康沃尔的方式做——先是果酱,然后是奶油。🙂

    我只去过一次水沙(喝鸡尾酒),风景非常好。I'll have to take my Mum and sister along for tea here,他们会喜欢的。

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