The Places I can't get out of my head

The Places I can't get out of my head

你会去一些目的地,他们给你留下了这样的影响,那地方和它的记忆永远铭刻在你的心里。Here are some beautiful places that have had that effect on me.

Antigua and Barbuda


The islands of Antigua and Barbuda will always be special to me and a place I would love to visit on my 10 year wedding anniversary,for it was the first long haul destination where Amit and I went for holiday,我们第一次品尝加勒比的美丽岛屿,以及他单膝跪下求婚的地方!!

I wrote about the proposal as well as why Antigua and Barbuda are special to mehere.


Bali has been high on my list for a long time and last year we finally visited,这是我梦寐以求的一切。从郁郁葱葱的稻田到壮观的瀑布和壮观的寺庙,it was a place that made me feel so relaxed,在那里我真的有了一个适当的休息,充电和恢复活力。它的自然美让我敬畏,我宁愿早点回来,也不愿迟点回来。



Paris brings me so much joy – from its pretty cobbled streets,seeing the Eiffel Tower from different parts of the city,新鲜的长棍面包,sublime macarons and dining al fresco with red wine and French onion soup to indulge in.

It has been a destination we have ended up visiting almost yearly,and it is always a wonderful experience,快乐的新记忆,我们总是离开快乐。

Paris is somewhere that will always be in my mind and always a place I will visit time and time again.

I have several posts from my trips to Paris includingAn itinerary for a whistle stop 36 hours in Paris以及What to do in a weekend in the City of Lights.


毛里求斯海滩 BBQ on a Catamaran in Mauritius Sunset in Mauritius

如果你在Instagram上跟踪我,你会看到我所有的明信片完美海滩的怀旧照片,the stunning sunsets as well as an incredible BBQ on board a Catamaran in the middle of the Indian Ocean.毛里求斯给我留下了永久的影响,它完全把我吹走了岛是多么的美丽。

Having been born by the Indian Ocean myself on the island of Mombasa,我感觉到这两者之间既熟悉又有很大的区别。




托斯卡纳——多么梦幻的意大利藏身之地——我向自己保证,总有一天,我会拥有一座可以俯瞰托斯卡纳葡萄园的农舍,因为它是我去过的最宁静的地方之一,with so much charm,lovely people,美味佳肴(意大利面和冰淇淋)美酒佳肴,真漂亮!!

托斯卡纳的藏红花农场 Lemon trees in Tuscany

我们在托斯卡纳只花了三天就做了这么多事情,你可以在这里读到,比如参观藏红花农场 Truffle Hunting.

Travel Link Up

The topic for April is one we enjoyed in 2015 – and we fancied it again – ‘Places we can't get out of our heads'.(And,对于那些在你身边这么久的人来说,这对你来说有什么改变吗?在新帖子中链接回旧帖子。


把你的帖子拿出来,将其添加到下面或的博客中Adventures of a London Kiwi,,伦敦银匙酒店,,Follow Your SunshineB夫人的旅行。

没有规则——基本上我们所要求的就是你去看看那些参与那几个月旅行链接的其他一些很酷的博客。make a few comments here and there and tweet a few of the posts out to your followers that you think they will love.这是一个很好的方式来认识一些新的旅游博客和分享一些博客的爱!!

The Travel Link Up is open to all bloggers – as long as the post is relevant!!

Binita Shah-Patel

Hi,我是宾尼,一个作家,dreamer,流连忘返和旅行成瘾。我原来是肯尼亚人,现在住在伦敦。I set up this blog to share my experiences eating out as well as travelling.

我喜欢打包行李和去冒险,因为旅行中最好的一件事就是迷路。To set aside the maps and itineraries and just see where the road takes you,学习、发展、生活在当下。


Find me on:网状物|Twitter


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    Ahhh I've heard such great things about Mauritius and that sounds (and looks) like a dream!!

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    所有这些地方都很特别!Your proposal sounds so romantic!!

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    宾尼这张单子很神奇,和我自己的单子很相似——尽管我很乐意去任何地方,哈哈。巴厘岛是我长途旅行愿望清单上的一个项目,but it will be a couple years before I can make it over there I think.我现在要去巴厘岛邮报看看你要做的事情,though 🙂

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    I agree Bali and Tuscany are wonderful


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