The Tea Total Afternoon Tea at The Perception Bar, W London

The Tea Total Afternoon Tea at The Perception Bar, W London

The stunning Perception Bar at the W London Hotel, just minutes from Leicester Square Underground Station, has a wonderful Tea Total Afternoon Tea on at the moment, which contrary to what the name may suggest, is a playful and very colourful selection of alcoholic shots paired with sweet treats, a selection of sandwiches and scones.


Soon arrived our Afternoon Tea selection, presented in a sleek box complete with pull-out draws and hidden doors, reminding me of a dolls house, only much more upscale. Accompanying the box was a colourful selection of shots.

圣arting with door one, we had the Spring Planter, which is a mint-chocolate mousse-filled flower pot with popping candy dirt and sprouting micro cress. This was paired with the Banana Republic shot containing Belvedere, sage, lime, apricot jam, cinnamon and banana. This had a jelly like texture and best eaten with a spoon!

In the next section was Queen Bee, with fresh flavours of avocado, lemon thyme, pistachio, bee pollen and local honey locally sourced from Walthamstow. This was paired with Hayfever, a drink I had tried before when I experienced the Dining Series.





The Tea Total Afternoon Tea is great fun, a fantastic idea for a boozy Afternoon Tea with friends, or for anyone seeking something unique and different. We really enjoyed it, and it was fun to open the various doors and see what was hiding in each of them. The presentation was wonderful and we had a fabulous time.




I was a guest of W London but all views and photos are my own.
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    I have this booked! Can’t wait!

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