10Life lessons you can learn from travel

10Life lessons you can learn from travel

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” – James Michener

Coloseum in Rome




Over the years I have learned to immerse myself in other cultures and to learn about different countries various traditions and about the local people and what is important to them. Whether it is shaking their hand in a certain way, dressing appropriately or even learning a few words in another language out of respect, I try and research a place before I go so that I can be prepared.


When you live in London you often witness impatience, sometimes first thing in the morning when you are waiting for the tube. Even if the next tube happens to be in 2 minutes and someone misses the present tube because the doors shut before they could get on, they will often swear or grumble.


If things in life were always smooth sailing there would be no fun in that. Patience is a virtue and you’ll learn to tackle situations as they arise and this in itself will teach you so much about the value of patience as well as make the overall experience that much better.


Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and travel has taught me how to be more adaptable and flexible. For example, if we had an excursion planned for a certain day and a weather storm appeared, how to let it go and be happy with an alternative plan rather than letting the disappointment consume us.

That missing out on things is okay

Sometimes you get back from a place and realise you didn’t do something or for whatever reason you couldn’t fit it in. This happened to be on my last trip to Bali where I really wanted to visit the enchanting “Gateway to Heaven” known as Pura Lempuyang Luhur. Unfortunately due to heavy rains it wasn’t accessible by road the day I wanted to go and I felt terrible at missing it but in hindsight it wasn’t the end of the world.



I am no daredevil and on our trip to St Kitts I learned how to leave my comfort zone and go zip lining with my husband. At first it was a daunting experience and I couldn’t bear the thought of it but once I did it I absolutely loved it!

I am so glad I was brave enough to do it and this has helped me in other situations since where I say yes more to things that I fear.

How to make friends with total strangers


To be more curious and in the moment

我喜欢探索在国外时,不能只是坐在酒店或度假村。我发现,我越游越值我的地方游荡在一个新的地方,去人迹罕至的地方。On a recent trip to Verbier, my friend Sima and I went hiking armed with a picnic and a map and it was one of my favourite experiences as we observed so much and just took in so much of Verbier’s natural beauty from our own curiosity, meandering through various paths and just being more in the moment.





Travel has really built my confidence and encouraged me to try new things. When I went to Mexico City I plucked up the courage to try new food and I ate insects. Yes insects. At Azul Historico, Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s (who is considered as one of the pioneers of Mexican cuisine) third restaurant and one of the first high end restaurants that opened at the Centro Historico district, we tried Guacamole topped with Chapulines, which are grasshoppers. If no one pointed out that they were Grasshoppers I wouldn’t have even known as they added a nice umami flavour to the dish. They tasted perfectly edible and I would eat this again!



To find beauty in small things


我想知道什么教训s you’ve learned from travel. Leave me a comment with yours xx

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  1. 2018年9月2日/ 12:01 pm

    I agree with each and everyone one of these and they are the lessons I’ve learnt through travel too! Fab read x

  2. 2018年9月2日/ 5:46 pm

    爱旅行,我们有类似的教训!意图lly in the end we are same same but different I too started doing things outside my comfort zone thanks to travel: ziplining in both Thailand and India, and paragliding in Slovenia: something that scared the pants off me thinking about but an experience I totally loved! Love how Travellinkup connects us all as a community

  3. September 3, 2018 / 7:12 am

    This is a lovely post and that first caption sums it all. I don’t get how people travel miles only to eat at a pub or McDonalds always. One of the reasons I don’t enjoy all inclusive is because you don’t get to see the real culture and country. Everything on here is spot on x

  4. 2018年9月4日/上午10点11


  5. September 5, 2018 / 4:13 pm

    I’m terrible with the missing out on things point, like I really beat myself if we miss seeing something due to bad weather or lack of time. It’s a lesson I need to learn not to worry so much.

  6. 2018年9月6日/下午12:02

    These are all such great lessons x

  7. September 6, 2018 / 2:11 pm

    伟大的职位和真真切切的 - 我们学到很多东西,从旅游,我们不?#travellinkup

  8. 2018年9月7日/ 6:05

    Experiencing the culture and living the way the locals do is of key importance to me too

  9. September 12, 2018 / 9:49 am

    All of these! I honestly believe that travel is one of the best cures for almost anything. There are so many unexpected benefits, from opening your mind to opening your heart, your life, new understandings, appreciation, and even finding peace. The world is such a bigger place than the one we know. xx

  10. 2018年10月25日/下午6:45

    Great read and loads of truths here! One of my fears was actually traveling solo, but once I started it’s been one magical experience after the other Definitely good advice to try out the local cuisines, even though some might scare you silly lol.

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